GeoEcoInsight: Transformative Conservation Solutions

Unlock the future of environmental conservation with GeoEcoInsight, a pioneering platform tailored for organizations committed to preserving biodiversity. Our holistic solution integrates advanced monitoring technology, GIS/remote sensing, IoT sensors, radar, and a dedicated Patrol Program, delivering real-time data and actionable insights to conservation teams.

Advanced Monitoring Technology
GIS/Remote Sensing Techniques
Integrating with IoT Sensors, Radar & Advanced Surveillance Cameras.
Dedicated Patrol Program
Proactive Infringement Monitoring
Actionable Insights & Operational Dashboards

CivicWatch - Revolutionizing Community Management

Introducing CivicWatch, a groundbreaking application designed to streamline the complaint management process for local governments and smart compound administrators. This powerful tool empowers communities to report issues, facilitates efficient classification, and ensures timely resolution, fostering a well-maintained and harmonious living environment.

Smart and interactive channel for recognizing residents’ complaints enhanced with audio, visual, and geographical location
Prioritizing issues based on urgency and allocated response time
Automatic classification and routing of complaints according to the relevant authority
Ability to add and modify workflow schemes, complaint classifications, and SLA for each complaint type
Ensuring secure and confidential data processing
Intelligent interactive operational Dashboard
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