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    Your Seal Stylus has a few buttons. Here’s what they do:

    • The tip itself works like a left click.
    • The button closest to the tip works like a right click.
    • And when you’re using certain programs with drawing functionality, like Paint and OneNote, it’ll act like an eraser.
    • The button farthest away from the tip works like a double click.

    If your Seal Stylus is not working, grab a fresh AAAA battery and pop it in. Yes, that’s one quadruple-A battery. That should fix the problem.

    Unlike the Seal itself, the Seal Stylus is not waterproof. So you’re going to want to keep it dry.

    As for using a different stylus, we wouldn’t recommend it. Our Seal tablets use a specific kind of electromagnetic stylus. Other brands and models might not be compatible.

    To purchase an additional Seal Stylus, click here.

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