Strategizeit participated with Ministry of Agriculture in Geo spatial PBRP unit

Strategizeit participated with ministry of agriculture in opening the monitoring and control unit for Potato Brown Rot Project.

The company has kept place with the digital transformation system for collecting government data and has automated work from engineers from best free areas to decision-making, using tablets to collect data and know the locations of crops with satellite images.

Therefore, Strategies contributed to distributing 30 tablets to best free areas engineers so that data can be collected in an easier and accurate way. On the other hand, working with remote sensing technology and geographic information systems enables us to know the locations of farms and cultivated areas throughout the Republic.

On the other hand, the Ministry held a ceremony to celebrate the opening of the project and the presence of all companies, especially the Strategizeit and the company delivered Dr. Naglaa Musa Balbul Shield in appreciation of its pioneering role in the use of information technology and support decision-making in developing the
the monitoring and control unit for Potato Brown Rot Project.

Strategizeit reception for Telpo Company in Egypt

Strategizeit Egypt received the Chinese delegation from Telpo company to know about its products and new solutions.
Telpo has launched smart terminals in more than 100 countries and has built up long-term relations with many banks, operators and platform suppliers successfully.Both hardware and software creativity are proceeded to keep up growing with the rapid technology evolution.

Strategizeit participated In GIS Day

Startegizeit presented one of the important lectures in GIS day. our lecture about GIS and smart data.
GIS is used widely to support planning and operations in nearly all sectors. Also,Smart data is big data turned into actionable data that is available in real-time for a variety of business outcomes.

Strategizeit reception for the Iraqi delegation in Egypt

Strategizeit EGYPT has honored the reception of a high level Iraqi delegation to attend a workshop on the application of the latest Information technology tools in general and GIS, especially in the drafting and census.

The delegation included Dr. Diaa Awad, head of Iraqi Statistics Authority, Dr. Mahdi Al Alak, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, and Dr. Abbas Kazim, Director General of Information Technology, Ministry of Planning. The delegation also included representatives of the United Nations Population Fund.

The company also hosted a number of representatives of international companies in the field of information technology and geographic information systems to give lectures on the latest technologies to assist the population census and the most prominent companies, Esri International and Edge Pro part of Planet Satellite,
As part of the Iraqi government’s preparations for the census of the population 2020 electronically.

Strategizeit distributes tablets to 2000 Egyptian community school

Following the steps of the Minister of Education Dr. Tarek shawki’s plan to raise the efficiency of education in the Egyptian schools by using the latest technology means, strategizieit has won a tender for the preparation & distribution of tablets on Egyptian community schools.
These tablets are “ seal 8 “ tablets produced by Bak USA , they are being given away as part of the smart schools program supported by the WFP & the Ministry of Education .

Under this contract our technical team has accomplished the mission of preparing the tablets to be distributed to 2000 schools all over the country in a record period before the beginning of the academic year, the team has prepared the tablets by providing the tablets with all the programs and applications that could help the teachers in teaching and keep them connected and interactive with the “Egyptian Knowledge Bank”.

Once the preparation & distribution was done our training team headed to 8 governorates simultaneously ( Giza, Aswan, Luxor, Fayoum, Suhag, Menya, Asyout, Qena ) to practically train 1900 teacher on how to benefit from the tablet by using its cut edge technology that helps both the teacher & the student to find new solutions that contributes in improving the educational process through the “Egyptian Knowledge Bank” that exposes the teacher and the student to the new ways of explaining the curriculums.

In addition to that the company launched our “customer service center” in parallel with the beginning of the training phase.
The target of this center is to make it easy for the teachers to contact us by many means (hotline, email and the website for the technical support).

It should be noted that the “seal 8” is a rugged tablet designed for the rough conditions using a Gorilla Glass® screen and a hard rubber body, it is also water & dust resistant.
The seal 8 operates with its full power in even hard weather conditions, designed originally to be by the workers and engineers in the fields that is why it is granted the IP67 certificate.

Strategizeit signed an agreement with IMMAP to strengthen MoPH’s CCC

Strategizeit has signed an agreement with IMMAP aiming to strengthen the Information Coordination of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Command and Control Center (CCC) to reduce the negative impact on public health from natural disasters, complex crises, and humanitarian emergencies.

Strategizeit will participate in coordination with IMMAP in development of new public health reporting platform and web applications. Maintain the current reporting platform and do bug fixes and new features based on user requirements. Refactoring of the existing reporting framework and developing a strategy to update existing libraries and improve modularity and re-usability as well as participating in Research and Development (R&D) into new technologies and techniques that can improve the maintainability of the code base as well as enhance the user experience.

It is noteworthy to mention that IMMAP considered one of the active international NGOs that provides information management support for humanitarian clusters (UN and International NGOs): Health, Protection, Education,Food Security, and Gender-Based Violence to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Strategizeit-Egypt singed a strategic agreement with BAK USA

We are glad to announce our strategic agreement with BAK USA. BAK USA is an one of a kind social enterprises that established in Buffalo, USA with a mission to build accessible technology, empower local communities and activate social prosperity.
Bak USA produces several technology gadgets but the most famous Bak branded products are The Atlas 2-in-1 laptop and the Seal 8 rugged tablet:

The Atlas 2-in-1 laptop: is laptop made just for Education: durable, versatile, and portable classroom computer for K-12 education. Designed to support student-centered adventures in and out of the classroom, the Atlas isn’t just a school computer—it’s also a time machine, a library, and a workshop all in one.

Seal 8 rugged tablet: is an unstoppable force of power and productivity tablet that takes on the harsh realities of everyday life with a Gorilla Glass® touchscreen and rugged rubber casing. Waterproof, dustproof, and fully functional in extreme climates. build specially for workers, Engineers and field surveyor.

StrategizeIT-Egypt became the first technical support center for BakUSA amazing products in Egypt

StrategizeIT now expanding in Middle East and Africa

Due to the evolving demand on StrategizeIT products and services in Middle East and Africa, Strategizeit team happily announce establishing Strategizeit-Egypt to provide the best service for our clients in the region.
StrategizeIT plans to also focus additional investments in regional partnerships to facilitated more integrated services to our clients in the region.

Strategic Planning


  • Strategies:

Without a plan, even the most experienced may lose their way. Countless branding strategies fail in today’s competitive economy because of a plan based on intuitions and hunches.

At Strategize It, we draw business and technology strategies for NGOs, governmental organizations, and corporates, we evaluate your data and through our experiences, we will help you arrive at a formulated plan wrapped around your value chain Starting from building your business model, offering strategy, Project management plan, and finalizing by Operation management. We offer you our tailored services that will certainly support your business and guide it to success.

  • Tactics:

Whether you need to reach out to your audience, market your business activities or position your brand, an application is an indispensable tool for you. We help you develop an application that merges naturally with your business strategy and aids you in reaching your goals by connecting you with experts that will get the job done.

We guarantee a value-based service with a focus on delivery and quality.


The Simple Secrets of Business Growth People Forget

Last month, my business hurdled across the thirteen-year mark. Business is fantastic. Revenue and profit are at record levels. Lately, other people have begun noticing my prosperous little business and started asking questions.

“What is your secret?” They ask. “How have you built your business from nothing to something? ”

These questions made think about the fundamental principles I used to build my business. Here are the six I came up with.

1. Listen to your customers.
It’s not what you want to sell; it’s what your customers want to buy. The best ideas (if you are listening carefully) come from your best customers. I have a leadership development program that I conduct for my clients across the country. One day, I got a call from a training director.

He said, “This may sound crazy, but would you be willing to license your program to us so we can conduct it on our own?”

Fast forward to eighteen months later, and I have two large clients on multi-year licensing agreements for my products, and I have several more we are talking to now. Translation: generate additional revenue without having to be present. I don’t know if I ever would have thought of this on my own.

2. Do your homework.
When I work with a client, I do my homework in advance on their industry, company, issues and challenges. In the internet age, information is available at your fingertips. During a recent training session in Charlotte, a participant complimented me on my knowledge of their business. After, they asked me to do an additional 15 days of training for them this fall.

Preparation is the mark of a professional. Some people still don’t prepare, and this can be one of your distinctions.

3. Deliver.
A few months ago, I flew from Philly to Portland to facilitate full-day training for a client. Every connecting flight was delayed and delayed and delayed. I finally landed at 3:30 a.m., got to the hotel at 4:30 a.m. and fell asleep at 5:30.

I was back up at 6:30 and started training at 8:00. I did a full-day training session for 40 people on a one-hour nap.

Did they know it? Nope.

Perform no matter what. No excuses. No whining. When you deliver despite the challenges and difficulties, it is also a chance reinforce and enhance your reputation.

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4. Control overhead.
Sheryl Crow once said, “This ain’t no country club: This is L.A.”

Similarly, a business isn’t a social club. I don’t have an expensive office lease or tons of overhead. I run lean. If you can’t be disciplined with expenses and overhead, then maybe you shouldn’t be in business.

5. Stay sharp.
I belong to and participate in three industry groups, and I invest in attending two to three conferences each year. This kind of activity keeps me sharp and in the loop on what is going on in my industry. In the last three years, some of the ideas I have gained at these conferences have had a huge influence on how I operate my business.

If you go and keep an open mind, a new idea or two will jump start your thinking. The investment in staying sharp can pay off ten fold. It has for me.

6. Pick a niche.
Ok, let’s face it: You can’t be all things all people. Your marketing budget isn’t big enough, and it’s too difficult. I decided a few years ago to specialize in training and speaking about leadership. The response to this approach has been incredible, and I now have dozens of clients on multi-year contracts.

Most people would rather hire a specialist than a generalist.

My goal is to become the training and coaching resource for leadership. I am currently developing a website and several products just for that. Pick a niche small enough to own but large enough to be profitable.

Those are the six biggest lessons I’ve learned in business so far. I am sure I will learn much more in the next thirteen. It is an exciting place to be, owning a growing and dynamic business. Some nights, I am so fired up, I can’t sleep (in a good way). As Oprah Winfrey once said, “When I think about the future, the future is so bright it burns my eyes.”

It’s how I feel right now. I hope the same for your future.

Now make something happen.