Strategizeit-Egypt honored to announce our workshop “Unveiling the Power of Economic IoT Air Quality Sensors for Monitoring Climate Change Impact”.

Ambient air quality monitoring is a procedure that samples and tests the surrounding air for concentrations and types of pollutants. It is necessary to analyze the trends and patterns of air pollutants – their types, behaviors, and whether their levels increase or decrease.

The data we obtain from air quality monitors helps us develop a strategy to cope with the pollution levels and take immediate actions to help citizens avoid the hazards of air pollution.

Digital transformation and governance of the environmental monitoring system for protecting and managing biodiversity in Egyptian nature reserves


Through the years Strategizeit  has been  established as a trusted supplier and consultant for GIS and Remote sensing  solutions and have grown its customer base by providing a variety of solutions that meet our clients objectives.

Strategizeit Egypt and the Ministry of Environment – EEAA team worked together to create a state of the art solution using ESRI technology in GIS and Remote sensing to monitor, track and document the biodiversity in all Egyptian natural reserves.

Solution Objectives

  • Supporting the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Environment – EEAA regarding the localization of modern technologies and activating digital automation processes in accordance with the objectives of Egypt’s Vision 2030.
  • Supporting decision-making and providing digital environmental information with an accurate and updated spatial dimension, to develop and manage nature reserves in line with sustainable development methodologies.
  • Automate the work of environmental monitoring in nature reserves, develop procedures for monitoring documentation of wild organisms and natural plants in nature reserves, raise operational efficiency and control the quality of field data.
  • Localizing modern technologies and building and managing a central geospatial database in accordance with international quality control standards, which represents an added value to the work of the various sectors of the Ministry of Environment.
  • Building capacity of the nature reserves team and concerned departments using knowledge transfer through interactive workshops and field training.

Solution Scope

Natural reserve Areas are considered the most valuable inherited treasure for human beings. This treasure that secures the ecosystem of our planet and plays a key role in maintaining the ecosystem balance, preserving important habitats, building resilience to climate change, providing global food security, maintaining water quality and conserving natural resources.

In order to reap the benefits of the natural reserve Areas, we have to understand, conserve and secure these natural reserve Areas.

As nature is so powerful, we should understand the potential effects of the natural hazards on the natural reserve Areas according to its type and one of these hazards is geophysical hazards. This document aims to classify the natural reserve Areas in Egypt according to the potential geophysical hazards they may face.

Geo-environmental hazards

the Solution addresses the geo-environmental hazards with focusing on the flashflood hazard. the Solution addresses briefly the potential geo-environmental hazards that the Egyptian natural reserve Areas may be subjected to. Furthermore, a qualitative flashflood hazard assessment is adopted and applied for all natural reserve Areas located within South Sinai, North Sinai and Red Sea governorates.

he analysis depends on generating a drainage network and watersheds for each natural reserve Area using a special precast watershed model, followed by morphometric analysis for these outputs to assess and spot the streams and watersheds that most likely represent a danger. The watershed model used in the analysis is precast which is developed by GIS software (ArcGIS PRO) which helps to extract the surface drainage characteristics based on the elevation data.

Produce Landcover and LandUse Maps

The Strategize-IT team Collected digital and paper data required to construct and design a geospatial database to identify and draw the boundaries of the Natural reserve Areas. then Build a geospatial database model in accordance with ISO approved standards.

Using Satellite Images for the areas Strategizeit Team Produced two kinds of analysis (Land Cover and Land Use).

The Land Cover Map is the physical material at the surface of the earth and it includes Water bodies, Rocks, Vegetation, Agriculture, Urbis, etc. The Land Use Map is the human use of land. It represents the economic and cultural activities e.g., agricultural, residential, industrial, mining, etc.

Digital transformation of the Natural reserves work

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, activities and fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your organization. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure. Here is we have used Rugged Tablets that support field workouts with custom specs.

The engineering process of transforming old paper work into a smart logic form, requires restructure of layer to reconcile field differences between input and target dataset.

Using Esri field solutions (Survey123, Field Maps, and Quick capture) Strategizeit Team worked on 13 Categories/Departments of forms :

  • Day To Day Management
  • Environmental Impact Monitoring
  • Biodiversity Tracking:
  • Wild Animals: Small Mammals, big Mammals (Patrolling and Line Transect) and Birds.
  • Wild Vegetation: Species Frequency, Density Cover (Line Intercept) and species Field datasheet.
  • Marine Field Check: Indicator Organisms (Fish and Invertebrates), Red Sea Belt Transect (Fish and Invertebrates), Snorkeling Data Sheet and Site form (Reef Check Description)
  • Tracking and Monitoring Business Actives Inside Natural Reserves Areas
  • Geographic Dashboard

When we put data on the map, Things happens. We discover patterns and relationships.

ESRI dashboard is the right key for data visualization.

Strategizeit Team Built upon Web Maps, Application Dashboard to get insights and (KPI) to enable decision maker and higher level to be posted with every single action updated in the natural reserves Areas.

Each Dashboard is designed for achieving specific target: statistical, operational and management activities.

With other captivities to show the survey type, distance, who is maker, when it did and so many other KPIs and Indicators.

Here we provide a way to get data between all levels reducing communication bridge.

  • Funnel category selectors
  • Instance Statistics of PAs of collected data
  • Enable the user not only to what happens but where and when
  • Enable the user to study the seasonal impact of any event regarding man-made or natural cries.

Also, Strategizeit Team built web apps to make the analysis easier by using predefined and customized widgets upon client’s needs.

This smart solution supported the ministry team to create an environment of increased productivity, by building, developing, collecting, updating, managing and presenting geographical data.

Strategizeit has been honored to train the Department of Geographic Information Systems in the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism.

As part of the protocol of cooperation signed with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to implement the project of Digitalization of the General Directorate of Geographic Information Systems, Strategizeit was honored with  the cooperation and participation in the development of GIS management by using the latest technologies and applications produced by Esri International

Strategizeit_Egypt was honored to participate in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering Benha university Shubra branch.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering Benha university Shubra branch.
Strategizeit_Egypt was honored to participate in the celebration as the golden sponsor and one of the elite companies in the field of geographic information systems and remote sensing.
In this context, the company extends its thanks and appreciation to the leaders of Benha University, led by Prof. Gamal Sousse – President of the University, Prof. Ayman Al-Shihabi – Dean of the College and Prof. Amr Hanafi – Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service whom provided the opportunity to participate, as well as the great management and effort made to hold the ceremony in a decent manner.

Completion of the first part of the capacity-building and technical knowledge transfer program for the team of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

We were honored in Strategizeit Egypt to finish the first part of the capacity building and technical knowledge transfer program for the team of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation under the supervision of Dr. Eman El-Sayed, Head of Planning Sector, and Eng. Amal Gasser, Director of the Information, Documentation and Decision Support Center
The project aims to transfer knowledge of modern GIS technologies through many advanced training and applied courses that support raising operational efficiency and supporting the decision-making industry in the Ministry.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to the success partners from colleagues in the Ministry for the good reception and fruitful cooperation… We ask God for success to complete the journey of success .

Strategizeit Egypt Participates in establishing geographic information system in upper Egypt

Strategizeit  Egypt is honored to launch work on a project designing and establishing a geographic information system under the umbrella of the local development program in Upper Egypt in cooperation with Prosylab, Khatib and Alami.


The project aims to develop the information environment in  two governorates  (Qena/ Sohag) within the project of development of the Region of Upper Egypt under the umbrella of the World Bank’s  Development Program, through the activation of digital transformation systems and the establishment of a GIS unit that supports decision-making during planning and implementation processes and the management of the development of the resources of the governorates which corresponds with the objectives of Egypt’s vision 2030.

Strategizeit Egypt participates in Cairo ICT conference and opens with a lecture on smart government

Strategizeit Egypt gave a lecture on smart government, which is the direction advocated by the government to achieve a better vision in all fields. It also requires a strategic development of digital transformation that enables us to better and easier manage geographic data. This system also helps the efficiency and security of the systems and enhances the participation of citizens.

The concept of smart government and its applications help to get closer to the citizen on the one hand, and direct and simultaneous interaction with data spread in society and its economic, social and security components on the other. It has helped to develop a new electronic environment from which the Government can benefit from the operation and maintenance of its services in a more effective, less costly and less vulnerable manner of human error or administrative abuse.

Strategizeit participated in Conference with The Egyptian Survey Authority – ESA

Strategizeit Egypt was honored to participate in work shop and an exhibition discussing the technical specification of surveying and topographical Maps.

Many government agencies and major surveying and geographic information systems companies also participated.
On the other hand an exhibition was held in the conference, in which the company participated in displaying the latest tablets used in all the arduous areas that can withstand shocks and withstand different conditions. The company offered the latest MDM applications to track data, locate devices, and help users with any problems they encounter remotely.

The CEO also presented a presentation on Smart Data and GIS. How to use GIS on a large scale to support planning and operations in all sectors. Also, The use of smart data that is converted into actionable and available data in real time for a variety of business results