Strategizeit signed an agreement with IMMAP to strengthen MoPH’s CCC

Strategizeit has signed an agreement with IMMAP aiming to strengthen the Information Coordination of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Command and Control Center (CCC) to reduce the negative impact on public health from natural disasters, complex crises, and humanitarian emergencies.

Strategizeit will participate in coordination with IMMAP in development of new public health reporting platform and web applications. Maintain the current reporting platform and do bug fixes and new features based on user requirements. Refactoring of the existing reporting framework and developing a strategy to update existing libraries and improve modularity and re-usability as well as participating in Research and Development (R&D) into new technologies and techniques that can improve the maintainability of the code base as well as enhance the user experience.

It is noteworthy to mention that IMMAP considered one of the active international NGOs that provides information management support for humanitarian clusters (UN and International NGOs): Health, Protection, Education,Food Security, and Gender-Based Violence to the world’s most vulnerable populations.