Strategizeit-Egypt singed a strategic agreement with BAK USA

We are glad to announce our strategic agreement with BAK USA. BAK USA is an one of a kind social enterprises that established in Buffalo, USA with a mission to build accessible technology, empower local communities and activate social prosperity.
Bak USA produces several technology gadgets but the most famous Bak branded products are The Atlas 2-in-1 laptop and the Seal 8 rugged tablet:

The Atlas 2-in-1 laptop: is laptop made just for Education: durable, versatile, and portable classroom computer for K-12 education. Designed to support student-centered adventures in and out of the classroom, the Atlas isn’t just a school computer—it’s also a time machine, a library, and a workshop all in one.

Seal 8 rugged tablet: is an unstoppable force of power and productivity tablet that takes on the harsh realities of everyday life with a Gorilla Glass® touchscreen and rugged rubber casing. Waterproof, dustproof, and fully functional in extreme climates. build specially for workers, Engineers and field surveyor.

StrategizeIT-Egypt became the first technical support center for BakUSA amazing products in Egypt